“[Vincent’s] stories, especially about her family, are gripping and at times almost unthinkably tragic.”  – The Washington Post

“This is a sometimes-sweet, sometimes-harrowing memoir by a smart, passionate ultra-Orthodox girl… [I]t’s engrossing and so thoughtfully written, and never mocks the traditions and values of a culture that few of us can fully comprehend.” –

“[Vincent’s] book should be read, not just as a warning of the very real dangers of the world, but also of the price to be paid when, in the name of religion, people forget humanity.” – The Wall Street Journal

“Vincent has written a visceral and uplifting story about conquering the unique injustices forced on women in not one, but two, different worlds.” – The Daily Beast 

“This is what separates [Vincent’s] tale from most of the Orthodox memoirs I’ve read: it’s as thoughtful and heroic as it is gripping and tragic. – Flavorwire

“[Cut Me Loose] is not just for people cast out of fundamentalist sects. It will resonate with all the proverbial black sheep who feel pressure to align with others’ expectations instead of embracing who they are at heart.” – The Roanoke Times

“[O]ne of the most wrenching depictions of true, bone-deep Loneliness I had ever read.” – Unpious

“Vincent’s compulsively readable memoir draws us into her fears, her few joys and her complete aloneness as she struggles to navigate the course of a new life.”Bookpage